Appel à une Action Internationale Urgente pour Libérer les Prisonniers Palestiniens

Appel à une Action Internationale Urgente pour Libérer les Prisonniers Palestiniens

Son Excellence M. Mouhamed Khouraichi Niass, Secrétaire Général de l’UPCI, a reçu un message de Son Excellence le Président du Conseil National Palestinien, M. Salim Al-Zanoun, expliquant la grave situation sanitaire des prisonniers palestiniens dans les prisons d'occupation et appelant à une initiative internationale pour remédier à cette situation inhumaine.

Ce qui suit est le texte du message en anglais :

Vous retrouverez la version arabe, ici

H.E. Mr. Mouhamed khoiraichi Niasse

PUIC Secretary General


Subject: Palestinian Prisoner Kamal Abu Wa’ar Suffering Cancer & COVID-19 Life Rescue

On behalf of thousands of Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons who are subjected to physical and psychological torture, deterioration of their health conditions and spread of serious and chronic diseases, we urge you to urgently intervene to release the prisoner, Kamal Abu Wa’ar, 46 years, and his fellow patients and the elderly.

The life of the prisoner, Mr. Kamal Abu Wa’ar, who has been detained for 18 years, is in severe danger that requires immediate intervention to save his life. Kamal Abu Wa’ar is suffering from a malignant tumor in the throat and recently infected with COVID-19. He is now suffering from a drastic deterioration of his health and in urgent need to receive appropriate treatment.

The lives of approximately (700) sick prisoners are in danger too, out of them (300) prisoner suffer from chronic diseases at great risk, and are exposed to infection with COVID-19, they bet on you and your quick intervention to save their lives and release them.

We would like to inform you that despite the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation in the Israeli prisons did not show any positive changed, as the Israeli Prison Administration has not taken the necessary health measures to protect the Palestinian prisoners, which raises the level of fear and anxiety of the prisoners, in the absence of communication between them and their families.

The level of Israeli disregard for the lives of these prisoners has reached the point that (12) prisoners have lost their lives in the Israeli occupation prisons during the past two years, due to the policy of deliberate medical negligence, bringing the number of victims of this policy to (69 prisoners), out of (224) prisoners who have been martyrs in these prisons since the Israeli Occupation in 1967.

the time to implement the relevant Geneva Conventions on Palestinian prisoners and detainees in occupation prisons, and the time for human rights, regional and international human rights institutions and parliaments of the world to assume their legal, humanitarian and moral responsibilities towards these prisoners, and act urgently to release them, to put an end to this disregard of the lives of (4,700) Palestinian prisoners, among them are (41) female captives, (160) detained children and hundreds of patients and the elderly.

Yours sincerely

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